Chrome & Chloe

  08/31/14 at 04:01pm

I spotted these two deer on Wednesday’s run at The Prairie Center. Can you see them out there, staring at me?

They must have been watching me closely and standing still as rocks, because I made it down that hill along the treeline and then halfway back up the hill on this side of the clearing before I noticed them tracking my progress.

They waited kindly for me to snap a few grainy photos with my phone — this one being the best of the bunch — before they sauntered off into the wood.

  08/29/14 at 12:55am

Shady Shandies & Cigarettes

  08/19/14 at 11:52pm

Four miles on track and trail


Walked one, ran three miles today on one of Kill Creek Park’s mountain bike trails.¬†Mild temps, overcast skies and great scenery made it an enjoyable jaunt. The humidity made it a sweaty one.

You only get to see some of the paved warm-up leg because if I stop running to pull my smartphone out of its armband and take a photo of the prettier sections, I may never get started back up again.

If you’ve got a tip, or your own system for taking photos on the fly while on runs or the like, I’m all ears. Suggestions involving minimal, low-cost and light equipment are even better.

  08/17/14 at 04:19pm

Variations on a Theme
Osawatomie, Kan.

  08/15/14 at 10:48pm

The old Miami County courthouse
Paola, Kan.

  08/06/14 at 12:00am

Mid-July Midsixties
Kansas City, Mo.

  07/16/14 at 01:51am

Sump Pump Drain in Violet
Olathe, Kan.

  07/03/14 at 01:24am

A small sampling of suburban summer greenery
Olathe, Kan.

  06/08/14 at 07:23pm

One of the Best Parts about Working in Miami County, Kan., is the Scenery

  06/02/14 at 05:13pm