!!! anticipation

Inspired perhaps by the first two-day stretch of 90+ degree weather Kansas has seen this year, the greater forces of the universe, including but not limited to the band !!!, the good people at Warp Records and the Internet, have today brought me this music video:

Call it upbeat melancholy funk or post break-up relationship analysis disco, the cold fact is that this track is quite hot. It’s got that bounding, bouncing beat and loose almost-vamp sound that drew me to !!! back in my college radio days at KJHK.

That said, the song structure is pretty traditional and the track clocks in at under 4 minutes, a far cry from 2004’s Louden Up Now (my personal favorite), which featured only two songs — interludes, really — under 4:30 in length.

There seems to be a lot more funk going on here, too, and less punk than previous efforts, but I’ll digress now at the risk of reading too much into a single song. It suffices to say that I’m anticipating even more the arrival of my copy of Thri!!!er, !!!’s fifth full-length album and their first since 2010.

Disappointing (but not surprising in the least bit) is the news that !!! won’t be stopping in Kansas City or Lawrence on their latest tour, which kicks off May 16th in Cambridge, Mass. Something about playing for 50 people at the Granada on a Wednesday night is not enticing enough, apparently.

In any case, if you do happen to be somewhere along the tour route and aren’t shy, you could sing Sonia Moore’s part on “One Girl/One Boy” live with the band. It’s no “2 Legit 2 Quit,” but hey — hey! — beggars can’t be choosers.

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Fatboy Consoles Himself

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Franklin County at Sunset

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Here’s an old one from the streets of Lahore, Pakistan. I’m hoping they all have a happy and safe election weekend!

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Today was my dad’s 54th birthday. He wanted to visit the Nelson-Atkins Museum and then the Brookside Art Annual, so that’s what we did.

"No barking from the dog, no smog. And momma cooked a breakfast with no hog." — Ice Cube

Being out among humanity reminded me that I need to seek out more opportunities to take pictures of people. My (Instagram) photos have become boring lately, and I think one of the reasons is because there aren’t enough faces in them.

What do you think?

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Perfect Weather for Exhaustion

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|||||| (at University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC))

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Restarting from scratch, but not really

If my math is correct, it’s been one year, seven months and 19 days (today included) since my last Tumblr post. I feel new to this all over again, but not in a good way.

For months I’ve struggled with how to revive this feed: Should I give it a new name, a new theme or maybe just delete it — who knows these things? After a lot of consideration, brain-storming, flip-flopping and indecision, I realized that most of the time I’m generally a pretty indecisive person. At least I think I am.

It’s not that there aren’t subjects in which I’m interested, but that there are too many for me to single one out. Besides, I’m not sure I have the patience to stick to a single topic for the amount of time it would take me to really know what I’m talking about, at least not in the context of a quasi-personal Tumblr blog. Even if I did, I certainly don’t have the time.

So for now the name will remain unchanged. Instead of trying to pick up the pieces where I left off, I will leave the old ones alone and start again with the ones I’ve got now.

I’m sorry if you had been looking forward to my stories and photographs of India. So as not to completely disappoint those who have been waiting all of these 597 days, here’s a collection of the photos I took.

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The end of the line

My time left in Pakistan is dwindling faster than I’d like it to. I’m dealing with a whole new set of lasts:

  • Professional development sessions with the faculty of Lahore American School
  • Late night parties and GTs with the “Lahori Boys”
  • Blazing-hot afternoons spent shopping in Anarkali and Regal Chowk

  • Getting hassled for bringing a camera into Cantt
  • Getting in trouble for taking pictures while in front of the wrong buildings

  • Bargaining with tuk-tuk drivers in front of Rahat Bakery
  • Taking surreptitious photos of military, police and security forces

And much, much more.

I enjoyed Pakistan a lot — substantially more than I expected to. A big part of me wishes I could stay. Another part of me just wants to be back on a dependable power grid.

Both parts, though, will have to forgo immediate satisfaction: India is next.

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