Mid-July Midsixties

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Sump Pump Drain in Violet

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A small sampling of suburban summer greenery

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One of the Best Parts about Working in Miami County, Kan., is the Scenery

  06/02/14 at 05:13pm

Why don’t I count the money first, before opening the cash drawer?

It’s a problem easily avoided, but a habit more easily picked up: The customer pays with cash and I count it out as I’m putting it into my cash drawer. That’s all dandy until a customer doesn’t give me the correct amount because once that cash drawer opens, the whole payment is contaminated. There’s no way I’m convincing the customer that the ten dollar bill I pulled out of the drawer is the same money they just retrieved from their wallet. I can almost hear it now; “By God, I gave you a twenty!”

An awkward moment passes. I exchange furtive glances with the manager, who realizes by now that he will eat that ten dollar difference. He shrugs and sips his coffee because there’s nothing to be done now. I had to go and open that drawer before counting the money.

This time, though, I get lucky. God has sent me a minister for a customer. When Mr. Galvan realizes my sincerity, he insists that the manager count the drawer so he can make it right, if it is not already. The drawer comes up $10 short and Mr. Galvan reaches into his wallet for another ten dollar bill. This time I get lucky.

Of course, having not earned the vindication, I can’t enjoy it. I created the situation by not doing my job properly. It’s a problem easily avoided, after all: The customer pays with cash and I count it again, out loud, in front of them, before even thinking about the drawer. But old habits die hard and it’s easy to feel rushed at work.

As I help Mr. Galvan load his newly-rented TV into the backseat of his car, an awkwardness still hangs over us. I ask if there’s anything else I can do for him but he says there isn’t, that the remote’s all he needs. He’ll be streaming YouTube videos to the TV over WiFi anyway, he says. I ask if he’s sure I can’t get him an HDMI cord, just in case. He pauses before reluctantly accepting the gift he didn’t earn and probably won’t enjoy. Before he drives off, we wish each other a good weekend, share a forced handshake and cut our losses.

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Stretched Thin

  05/28/14 at 09:34pm

Sometimes the Bank Takes a While, Pt. 2(?) (at Great Southern Bank)

  05/28/14 at 01:58am

!!! anticipation

Inspired perhaps by the first two-day stretch of 90+ degree weather Kansas has seen this year, the greater forces of the universe, including but not limited to the band !!!, the good people at Warp Records and the Internet, have today brought me this music video:

Call it upbeat melancholy funk or post break-up relationship analysis disco, the cold fact is that this track is quite hot. It’s got that bounding, bouncing beat and loose almost-vamp sound that drew me to !!! back in my college radio days at KJHK.

That said, the song structure is pretty traditional and the track clocks in at under 4 minutes, a far cry from 2004’s Louden Up Now (my personal favorite), which featured only two songs — interludes, really — under 4:30 in length.

There seems to be a lot more funk going on here, too, and less punk than previous efforts, but I’ll digress now at the risk of reading too much into a single song. It suffices to say that I’m anticipating even more the arrival of my copy of Thri!!!er, !!!’s fifth full-length album and their first since 2010.

Disappointing (but not surprising in the least bit) is the news that !!! won’t be stopping in Kansas City or Lawrence on their latest tour, which kicks off May 16th in Cambridge, Mass. Something about playing for 50 people at the Granada on a Wednesday night is not enticing enough, apparently.

In any case, if you do happen to be somewhere along the tour route and aren’t shy, you could sing Sonia Moore’s part on “One Girl/One Boy” live with the band. It’s no “2 Legit 2 Quit,” but hey — hey! — beggars can’t be choosers.

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Fatboy Consoles Himself

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